After ECD, Children proceed to Primary school. Executive Skills College offers primary school. We offer all Primary school subjects including. The goal is to make education fun and enjoyable to our students so we ensure that a large amount of practical work is implemented in all Subjects.

Content Subjects

Teaching of the content subjects  includes experimentation, practical work, values and school ethos, outings, camps, general knowledge, etc.  Although covering the key areas of the Ministry of Education’s syllabi, the content schemes have been updated so that they are more relevant and interesting for the students. 


Being a core subject, each Grade teacher teaches English to the full. Emphasis is on functions of Language, Reading, Spelling (Word Recognition and Order), Comprehension, Poetry/Creative Writing, Phonic work, Dictation, Oral English and on handwriting. Already, due to the revamped reading scheme, all aspects of English are improving, especially reading skills, vocabulary/spelling and comprehension. A recent internal workshop focused on a range of comprehension strategies applicable to all subjects, but notably to formal comprehension and reading lessons.


The teaching of the other core subject, Mathematics, revolves around concept development through the emphasis of Bonds, Tables and the four basic operations. Mental, mechanical and Problem skills are taught at length.  Again, we follow the Ministry’s curriculum but expand on it. Online packages are used in collaboration with the ICT Department. “Thinking out the box” and logical reasoning are valuable skills that all teachers are imparting to the student.


Our mother language!  We are proud of our mother language and we belive that students should learn and understand the language. All shona essentials are covered in our curriculum. From tsumo, madimikira, Nyaudzosingwi and many other essential shona topics. Children are taught to read and write shona fluently.