We offer courses where students receive in depth, hands-on training on all basic procedures to becoming a competent, compassionate care giver.

Our course includes:
– Ethics of nursing and being a care giver
– Basic nursing care
– General care
– Incontinence
– Dietary requirements
– Safety in the home
– Basic medical knowledge for the elderly
– Specialized care
– How to cope when the death of a client occurs
– Effective care for caregivers

Take care of the minors

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Take care of the minors

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An introduction to Child Care is aimed at anyone who wants to pursue a career that involves the care of children. This course will benefit:

  • Full-time child minders
  • Anyone wants to advance their career in domestic work
  • Someone who wants to apply for a job in child care
  • Teaching assistants at a crèche
  • Au Pairs
  • New parents
  • Babysitters

Anyone who works with children (either your own or an employer’s) will find the course useful.   

Nurse aid course

As a nursing assistant or nurse aide, you will offer patients compassion and patience while assisting them with day-to-day life tasks such as dressing, bathing and feeding. You may also support doctors and nurses in diagnostic procedures and technical treatments.

Become a Health care worker

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Certified nursing assistants or nurse aides also typically assist in patient charting and instruction, documenting any care that is given and report significant observations to the nursing staff.

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Approximately 36 million persons are living with HIV/AIDS
worldwide, 25 million of them in Africa. This course provides
information for affected households and communities on how to live a healthy life from the time of infection with HIV through the progression of the disease.

Job Opportunities

This course Prepares you for a career in the health field including:

Nursing Assistant
Home Health Aide
Personal Care Aide
Personal Care Attendant
Personal Care Assistant
Companion Care Provide

Course Information

Theory and Practicals = 4 weeks
Attachment = 3 months

NB* Stundents must buy thier own uniform and other requirements.